Sunday, March 11, 2012

For someone who only works part-time and is doing her Master's degree online (mostly) you'd think I'd have more time to devote to creating these film-poems, but I still manage to be busy almost all the time. And when I'm not, I've been passing out. lol Anyway, yes, busy for the past week. Yesterday turned into taking the kid to Princess Day at the Georgia Aquarium. Yeah, that's what I needed. To spend hours not seeing aquatic creatures because of the gynormous influx of royally clothed children and their parents. Literally, there were so many people that the majority of the places to view the animals were blocked. Honestly, have these people never heard of taking turns??!! So many would just stay right in front of an exhibit, starkly refusing to make room (often refusing children no less. lol) for 15-20 minutes. Really?? Who stands in front of any exhibit for that long, but especially when the joint is packed?? Anyway, I'll be done ranting. About that anyway. ;p

The other complaint I have is driving in midtown Atlanta on Saturday. I swear, it makes me wanna shoot myself. I spent at least 30 minutes driving basically in circles in an effort to find the aquarium parking deck. Let me be clear, I found the aquarium. Just not the aquarium parking deck. lol Admittedly, I am terribly directionally challenged and could probably get lost in my own house given the right circumstances, but still. Atlanta traffic/roads suck.

So, now that I've finished whining, on to cleaning and hopefully some film-poem production!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Poem: We All Fall Down

                                                                                       Inspired by cocorosie's song, Gallows

Judah loved us. His
fingers often  traced
the lines on our
throats, marking
the passage of blood.

He sat stranded
on a tree branch,
his dirt-curls sweeping
across his face with wind
and our breath.

We touch him. Two
pair of hands to unbutton
his coat, pull feet free
of socks like the ebb
of a small ocean, pulling
the tide of yarn back
from his pale beach-skin.

Two sets of fingers to
skim across his milky
collar, turning it down
neat as the line
of our stark fence
surrounding our house.

Tonight the townspeople
came, noose in hand,
their faces tied up
in a swelter of hate.
Their prickly words stick
to his bigamy as tightly
as their hands stick to him.
Flushed, they wrap
round Judah, dragging
him from our home
like the sun being pulled

from the sky, wrapped
in black
and eclipse
and loss
and his beach in
our hands, sliding away
with every wave
and his hair twining
with the bright grass,
slipping between
blades to cradle
his rock of a head
until his breath drains out.

We wrap arms around
each other, but it’s
no good. We lay down
beneath the willow
tree, his sepia photo
wrinkled between
our hands, our hair
clinging to rough roots as
though the tree might
keep us from
the ground. We eat
handfuls of Daphne
berries, the red
glowing as we drop
them into our
mouths and sleep.


So I've been doing the research I mentioned previously and there is a surprising abundance of public domain film footage on the internet. I've been scouring The Internet Archive and there's just a mess of videos, audio files, and still images (not to mention The WayBack Machine, which allows you to look at long dead websites). Sadly, the large amount of available material almost makes the job of creating film-poetry more difficult because there's so much to sift through before you find something that will work for your poem. I suspect what I need to do is find some footage that speaks to me and write around it rather than trying to find footage that fits with existing poetry. At the very least, that'd be a less time consuming way of creating.

I've only done one film-poem before, and I actually dubbed it a digital elegy back in 2007. It was an elegy I wrote for my grandmother and it combined still pictures of her along with various musical tracks and some random footage I filmed myself. It took forever, but the end product got me an "A" on my Senior Project for my undergrad degree, so well worth the time. However, I really would like to get this process streamlined so I'm not taking months to do one project. A couple weeks, at most, is my preferred timeline for producing a single film-poem.

As to subject matter, oi, whatever happens to pop into my head and inspire me at any given moment. ;p As they say, the sky is the limit.

Monday, March 5, 2012


So, another day begins. Well, it began quite awhile ago, but it still feels unbegun. And unbegun sure is a fun word that isn't really a word. ;p Anyway, going to start doing some research and some digging in an effort to find some decent public domain footage that I can use for one of my poems. Hopefully this will be a successful venture and I'll come away with footage that can be used on a variety of projects. Who knows, it could happen. lol

Sunday, March 4, 2012


The purpose of this blog is as a display for the film-poems I intend to create in the near future, as well as traditional poetry, random bits of fiction, and any other oddity I feel like writing about at any given moment. Consider yourselves warned. =)

A Brief Touch

So, I randomly decided to respond to a tweet by Neil Gaiman. And holy fuck he responded back!!! Discussing this interchange with my husband, I went full on fangirl. I then decided it was a good thing it was only one tweet and not actually meeting him because I'd probably have cried. I suspect this based on prior actions. The event I'm referencing was years ago at DragonCon where I saw Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca, for those who aren't utter geeks like me) from afar and instead of making an effort to go over and talk to him I just drug my feet and burst into tears. Yeah. Apparently I'm one of those kind of fangirls. Somebody shoot me for my own well being, please. Anyway, so yeah, my one shot at impressing a twonderiffic writer like @NeilHimself and I went with a Winnie the Pooh reference. Sigh!

So, yeah... Now I'm all anti-climactic downer girl. Coming down from a fangirl high sucks. ;p