Sunday, March 11, 2012

For someone who only works part-time and is doing her Master's degree online (mostly) you'd think I'd have more time to devote to creating these film-poems, but I still manage to be busy almost all the time. And when I'm not, I've been passing out. lol Anyway, yes, busy for the past week. Yesterday turned into taking the kid to Princess Day at the Georgia Aquarium. Yeah, that's what I needed. To spend hours not seeing aquatic creatures because of the gynormous influx of royally clothed children and their parents. Literally, there were so many people that the majority of the places to view the animals were blocked. Honestly, have these people never heard of taking turns??!! So many would just stay right in front of an exhibit, starkly refusing to make room (often refusing children no less. lol) for 15-20 minutes. Really?? Who stands in front of any exhibit for that long, but especially when the joint is packed?? Anyway, I'll be done ranting. About that anyway. ;p

The other complaint I have is driving in midtown Atlanta on Saturday. I swear, it makes me wanna shoot myself. I spent at least 30 minutes driving basically in circles in an effort to find the aquarium parking deck. Let me be clear, I found the aquarium. Just not the aquarium parking deck. lol Admittedly, I am terribly directionally challenged and could probably get lost in my own house given the right circumstances, but still. Atlanta traffic/roads suck.

So, now that I've finished whining, on to cleaning and hopefully some film-poem production!

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